Tue Jan 19

Exodus to Shanghai now available on Vimeo Pro

Exodus to Shanghai is now available on Vimeo Pro. Be the first to see the fantastic story of two brave lovers, Fannia and Bruce, who stand up to the Nazis and fight against their evil. With the help of music, martial arts and wisdom, they make their escape to Shanghai on the Orient Express, saving many Jews along the journey.

Together with Dr. Ho, the Chinese Consul in Vienna in 1938, who helped thousands of Jews to flee Vienna and escape to Shanghai with free Exit Visas, they make their Exodus to Shanghai.

A Dead Nazi is a Good Nazi.

Wed Jan 06

The Story of Lily Aldridge

Join FashionTV this weekend as we take you to the top of the model roster and enter into the glamorous world of Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge with our “Story Of…” Weekend Special. Tune in to FashionTV, January 8-10.
Lily Aldridge is not your average California girl. This 30-year-old beautiful brunette has made her name as one of the hottest and most sought after Victoria’s Secret models on the fashion scene, and it’s little wonder. Born as the daughter to British artist Alan Aldridge, Playboy Playmate mother Laura Lyons, and with model siblings… Lily’s looks and bubbly character were bound to take her to the top!