Wed Mar 30
Fri Mar 25

Celebrating 20 years of the brand FashionTV has expanded to include Hotels, Flats, Cafes, Clubs, Residences and Beaches

FashionTV’s attendance at the MIPIM resulted in great realization for the business of (f)Hotels, (f)Flats, (f)Cafes, (f)Clubs, (f)Shopping Malls, (f)Studios and (f)Beaches. High interest for the (f)hospitality segment triggered a series of future projects and designs worldwide. FashionTV currently boasts 8 residence Hotels in Asia and 30 (f)cafes and (f)clubs in Asia and Europe.

The (f)brand is well known for FashionTV which reaches more than 500 million homes and 1 billion smart devices. Celebrating 20 years, the f.brand has attracted a wide range of licensees spanning across residences, hotels, cafes, clubs, beaches, spas and hair salons as well as fashion shops, cosmetics, eyewear, watched, underwear supplements and much more. For more information on f.Hospitality click on the image

The FashionTV team would like to thank everyone for attending and invites those interested to visit the f.hospitality site at:

For more information please contact and visit FashionTV at:

FashionTV at MIPIM Cannes pdf
Tue Mar 22

Exodus to Shanghai on RTL Opinion Makers

Exodus to Shanghai is on RTL Opinion Makers – the most imporant opinion show in Germany and Austria. Watch the informative and fascinating clip here from the official screening at the Jewish Museum Vienna.