Fri Oct 07

3 Stylish Reasons To Watch TV This Fall

You ladies ready to climb into cozy sweaters, switch over to hot coffee and curl up with a glass of red wine and some good fashion TV at the end of a long day? I know I am! Here’s what stylish TV shows are on my radar this season. Come tell which programs you’ll be watching.

1. Throwback glam: Is there a better source for 9-5 outfit ideas than a Mad Men-esque throwback show (apart from Lauren’s fab daily outfit series, of course)? Mad Men might be on hold (tear) but at least we’ve got The Playboy Club (Mondays on NBC at 10pm ET) and Pan Am (Sundays on ABC at 10pm ET) to watch this fall. Both feature a cast of gorgeous young women with old Hollywood good looks including Christina Ricci on Pan Am and Amber Heard on The Playboy Club. So cute!

2. Guilty pleasure: Ever accidentally watch 2 hours of Bravo reality TV instead of curling up with a good book as planned? Just me? Okay, well then you’ll be able to handle the fact that on Tuesdays there’s a fashion reality TV triple header that starts at 9pm ET with Rachel Zoe Project (the daily adventures of the world’s most famous stylist), followed by Mad Fashion at 9:30pm ET (the daily adventures of fabulous fashion designer, Chris March) and then wraps up with Fashion Hunters at 10pm ET (the daily adventures of a few vintage-scouring, in-the-know retail folks). It’s a lot. In a good way. Think you can handle more? Be on the lookout for Scout premiering on E! in November. The new show depicts the trials and tribulations of models trying to werk it in the fashion industry.

3. Oldies but goodies: OH, how I love the classics. And by classics I mean Gossip Girl (Mondays on CW at 8pm EST), America’s Next Top Model(Wednesdays on CW at 9pm ET) and Project Runway (Thursdays on E! at 9 ET). These fashion faves keep upping the ante – what with Elizabeth Hurley and soon Kelly Cutrone in the mix – and it’s working, that’s for sure. As much as the new shows excite me, I love a good after-work lounge sesh with my favorite cast of nutty fashion characters.

Bonus!…Up next: It’s A Brad, Brad World24 Hour Catwalk with Alexa ChungModel Apartment and Fashion Star. Ladies, make sure that blanket is cozy cause the shows coming down the pipeline are going to be major. Want to know more? Just click on the name of the show to get the scoop.