Mon Apr 03

FashionTV launches 12 new thematic linear channels, VOD and 4K for OTT, IPTV and GSM platforms

We are pleased to announce that FashionTV is taking a giant leap forward by offering our unique content with exceptional image quality now for OTT platforms and smart TVs.

After 20 years of unparalleled success as beauty and style TV channel that provides entertainment with emphasis on the latest fashion trends, we have decided to take advantage of new opportunities and create our own multi-content platform with 12 fashion thematic linear 24/7 channels,
f+ mobile applications and VOD.

The f+ platform is presenting 12 visually stunning streams with all types of themes such as Fashion weeks, Swimwear, Models, Designers, Bridal, Hair and makeup, Fashion men and more. The channels are available in SD, HD, UHD and VR.

As FashionTV consumers today are savvy smartphone, tablet, and computer users we made our brand accessible across all devices. The f+ application is available on web, Apple Store, Google Play, AppleTV, AndroidTV, AmazonTV, Roku and on many of our partners OTT platforms.

Our business collaborators with companies that offer IPTV and mobile GSM operator services can receive the unique 12 thematic channels via IP integration, via satellite or they can distribute our mobile applications.

In a world with 2 billion connected devices and users increasingly consuming content on their smart devices, FashionTV is moving closer to its audience by providing original, unbiased and informative programming for the platforms of the next generation TV. This year, our fans will be able to see their favourite FashionTV world class production, exclusive shows and the hottest up-and-coming fashion trends anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

The president and founder of FashionTV – Michel Adam Lisowski commented on the innovative decision of the company:

“After the successful launch of FashionTV 4K in December 2016 on Eutelsat 13 and Apstar 7, we have been working to create the unique lifestyle platform f+. In the next months we plan to expand it by including other fashion related channels such as Food, Travel, Clubbing, Luxury cars, Yachts, reviews of luxury homes and hotels as well as in depth interviews with fashion celebrities. We have put in front of us many editorial and technical goals which I am confident to deliver ahead of time and under budget. FashionTV sits at the center of the inevitable and unstoppable merger between the worlds of television and digital video. Keep an eye on our brand and see how it grows in the coming years.”


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