Mon May 22

FashionTV is a size 12

Fashion TV has announced the launch of 12 new thematic channels. The streams will be made available in SD, HD, UHD and VR formats for OTT, IPTV and mobile delivery.

Lifestyle platform f+ will cover a variety of topics including fashion weeks, swimwear, models, designers, bridal, hair and make-up, and men’s fashion.

“We have put in front of us many editorial and technical goals which I am confident to deliver ahead of time and under budget. FashionTV sits at the center of the inevitable and unstoppable merger between the worlds of television and digital video. Keep an eye on our brand and see how it grows in the coming years,” said president and founder Michel Adam Lisowski.

FashionTV 4K launched in December 2016 on Eutelsat 13 and Apstar 7.