Cara Delevingne Opens Up About Kate Moss’ Icon Status

It’s finally arrived, Kate Moss for Topshop launches today! To celebrate the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Topshop has teamed up with with digital storytellers NOWNESS for a series of short films dedicated to the supermodel, muse and designer.

With everyone from Cara Delevingne, Beth Ditto, and Vivienne Westwood opening up about the model’s influence on decades of fashion and her true British icon status, fashion fans have an unprecedented glimpse into the model’s world.

It was seven years ago that Moss launched her first collection with the highstreet brand, this collaboration is set to be a much updated and premium version.

“This collection is a bit more sophisticated,” she says speaking to Topshop. “Everything in the collection is something that I would definitely wear… I can’t wait to get my hands on it.”

Cara Delevingne on Kate Moss for Topshop

“I was never really into fashion when I was younger,” says Delevingne. “But I knew who Kate Moss was, she was the face, the icon.”

Vivienne Westwood on Kate Moss

“She’s got a big aura that draws you in,” says Dame Westwood. “Everytime she speaks to me I feel like we’re in a conspiracy!” “I think she’s one of the most stylish people that walks the Planet,” she continues.

Kate Moss at Topshop Unique Show

Kate Moss was one of the star guests, naturally, to grace the Fall 2014/15 Topshop Unique show at London Fashion Week. FashionTV is with all the fabulous guests as they arrive at the show including Kate Moss and sister prodigy Lottie, who are on the front row with Topshop owner Sir Philip Green and Kendall Jenner.


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