Celebrating Inti Raymi With Manish Arora!

You may all know the longest day of the year, June 21, but do you know about Inti Raymi the 9-day Winter Solstice in Peru? To celebrate, FashionTV takes a look inside Manish Arora’s Fall 2014-15 collection that was popping with Peruvian influences!

It was maximum effort for maximum impact, when Indian designer Manish Arora presented one of his most memorable shows at Paris Fashion Week.

“It was a fantasy collection; it was a tribe I created, which was a candy tribe,” explains the designer. “It was about this character, a girl who existed in my mind, who is probably 18-years-old and she’s from a cold country, she has Peruvian blood in her and she probably has a little baby.”

Mixing ethnic traveler and gypsy vibes with luxurious fabrics to include fur, velvet, and satin, Arora succeeded to leave an indelible mark on fashion editors and bloggers around the world.

Designer inspiration

Hear the designer speak about his inspirations and dreams.

Backstage hair and beauty secrets

See how the hair was styled and influenced by Tibetan braids.

The full catwalk show

Watch models to include Yumi Lambert and more hit the catwalk in his candy-colored explosion of a collection!


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