This Spring / Summer 2017, enter HUGO’s Digital Oasis campaign, exploring the crossing on- and offline worlds and those who live at the intersection.


Shot in the desert in California, a cast of bright young things is photographed against shifting natural and man-made backdrops – from the arid landscape, punctuated by blurred pylons and pixelated shards of light, to the clicking and bleeping of a whirring power station control center.


The campaign features portraits of up-and-coming and established talent from the worlds of art, music, film and fashion. Each individual was chosen for his or her original spirit and energy, as part of a generation whose lives are inextricably linked with digital.


The line-up features musician Soko; model and actress Devon Aoki; artist Alexandra Marzella alongside her boyfriend, photographer Jasper Briggs; stylist and entrepreneur Luka Sabbat; models Anwar Hadid, Kiki Willems and Felix Gesnouin; and twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears of band The Garden.


The campaign was shot by photographer Harley Weir, renowned for raw and intimate depictions of her subjects. Short video vignettes run alongside the imagery, featuring Weir in conversation with the faces of the campaign. These offer a deeper look into the individual personalities of the cast, as well as their unique and often very unusual perspective on digital.


The cast wears new Spring / Summer 2017 styles from HUGO Menswear and Womenswear, designed under the same concept. The collection features clean silhouettes, influenced by the precision of digital, but thrown together and styled with relaxed attitude. Prints and patterns include 3D optic grids, while a bold cactus flower motif is cut, flipped and positioned onto lightweight fabrics. Inspired by the fading light of the desert at sundown, the color palette features tones of light purple, chartreuse and sahara, creating ready-to-wear and accessories that fit seamlessly into this new HUGO world.