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Tue Mar 20

Regalia Couture Fall Collection Launch

Regalia Couture, which has already established itself as one of the best at working with fur, showed their new collection pre-fall 2018. Those who are already familiar with the visual aesthetics of the brand will immediately notice the usual models of the model: fur coats with a belt, coats of straight silhouette, shearling jackets. However, Regalia does not stop with its usual classics and keeps up with the current trends – in the new collection along with fur coats from mink, lynx and sable there appeared models with bright colored fur and even patchwork designs. Moreover, following the modern vector of eco-friendly fashion, Regalia has included in the collection several fur coats from artificial fur or what they call «eco-fur», which outwardly and by its qualities are in no way inferior to natural fur. Despite constant creative search, the brand remains faithful to its roots and from season to season offers customers things of a haute couture level, unique in its design and fineness of execution.


Tue Mar 20

Fashion TV bringt 25 chinesische Fernsehsender in die Hotelzimmer von 230 Millionen chinesischen Touristen weltweit.

WIEN, 20. März 2018 – FashionTV kooperiert mit der APT Satellite Company Limited (“APT Satellite”), um die Great Wall TV Platform, ein TV-Bouquet mit einigen sehr hoch bewerteten TV-Kanälen, nämlich CCTV-Entertainment, Hunan TV, Zhejiang TV, Oriental TV, in Hotels auf der ganzen Welt zu vertreiben, mit einer Kombination aus OTT- und Satellitendistributionstechnologien, um die globale Verbreitung zu maximieren.

Vorschau auf

Michel Adam, President von FashionTV, sagte: “Im Jahr 2018 werden voraussichtlich 180 Millionen chinesische Touristen in Übersee-Destinationen reisen. Die Zahl wird bis 2020 auf 230 Millionen steigen. Alle Hotels beherbergen chinesische Touristen, und TV-Sender in der chinesischen Mutterprache anzubieten spricht die chinesischen Touristen sehr an, während sie sich von ihrer Reise im Hotel erholen.

“FashionTV hat umfassende Expertise beim Aufbau von Vertriebsnetzwerken für TV-Sender auf der ganzen Welt. Diese Vereinbarung ist sehr vorteilhaft für die Verbereitung von Great Wall TV”, sagte Mr. Huang Baozhong, Executive Vice President von APT Satellite.

Anfang dieses Monats feierte FashionTV den Start des Vorverkaufs von FashionTV Initial Coin Offering (ICO) für “FTV Coin Deluxe”. Die Kryptowährung wird für die Bezahlung von FashionTV-Produkten und -Dienstleistungen, den Zugang zu exklusiven Shows und in Hotels, Clubs und Residenzen von FashionTV verwendet. FTV Coin Deluxe ist die erste Kryptowährung, die von einer Mode- und Unterhaltungsplattform ausgegeben werden. Das globale Fernsehnetzwerk freut sich über den großen Erfolg des Projekts.

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Tue Mar 20

FashionTV appointed to distribute 25 Chinese TV channels to 230 million Chinese tourists in hotels around the world

VIENNA, March 20, 2018 – FashionTV cooperates with APT Satellite Company Limited (“APT Satellite”) to distribute the Great Wall TV Platform, a TV channel bouquet including some highly-rated TV channels, namely CCTV-Entertainment, Hunan TV, Zhejiang TV, Oriental TV, to hotels around the world, using a combination of OTT and satellite distribution technology to maximize the coverage.

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Michel Adam, president of FashionTV, said: “In 2018, 180 million Chinese tourists are expected to travel to overseas destinations, the figure is projected to go to 230 million by 2020. All hotels cater and welcome Chinese tourists and having Chinese channels in their native language greatly comforts the Chinese tourists while they are relaxing from their travel in the hotel”.
“FashionTV has their expertise in establishing comprehensive distribution networks for TV channels all over the world and this agreement is very beneficial to the business operation of Great Wall TV” said Mr.Huang Baozhong, Executive Vice President of APT Satellite.

Earlier this month FashionTV celebrated the launch of the pre-sale of FashionTV Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for FTV Coin Deluxe. The cryptocurrency will be used for the payment of FashionTV products and services, access to exclusive shows and will be accepted in hotels, clubs, and residences of FashionTV. The idea is one of the first initiatives of cryptocurrencies carried out by a fashion and entertainment platform and the global television network is delighted to report the huge success of the project.

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Media Contact: Max Posch: +43 664 3910205


Mon Mar 19

FashionTV appointed to distribute 25 Chinese TV channels to 230 million Chinese tourists in hotels around the world

CASBAA SINGAPORE, MARCH 19, 2018 – FashionTV cooperates with APT Satellite Company Limited (“APT Satellite”) to distribute the Great Wall TV Platform, a TV channel bouquet including some highly-rated TV channels, namely CCTV-Entertainment, Hunan TV, Zhejiang TV, Oriental TV, to hotels around the world, using a combination of OTT and satellite distribution technology to maximize the coverage.

Michel Adam, president of FashionTV, said: “In 2018, 180 million Chinese tourists are expected to travel to overseas destinations, the figure is projected to go to 230 million by 2020. All hotels cater and welcome Chinese tourists and having Chinese channels in their native language greatly comforts the Chinese tourists while they are relaxing from their travel in the hotel”.

“APT Satellite started distributing Great Wall TV channels on APSTAR satellite starting from November 2016. This agreement with FashionTV is very beneficial to the business operation of Great Wall TV in the world. FashionTV has their expertise in establishing comprehensive distribution networks for TV channels all over the world,” said Mr.Huang Baozhong, Executive Vice President of APT Satellite.

About FashionTV

Celebrating 20 year anniversary in 2018, FashionTV has grown to a global fashion entertainment channel, and is to fashion what E!Entertainment, is to entertainment, and MTV is to music, an absolute credible leader – now reaching 500 million homes via PayTV, 500 million homes via SmartTV, and 1.5 billion smartphones. Since 2017 FashionTV has developed FTV UHD, its 4K fashion channel, which is broadcasted on Apstar 7,  and 12 thematic 24/7 OTT channels and VOD service available on all SmartTV and phones. The new cooperation with Apstar, to hotel and public places distribution, where FashionTV counts over 6 million locations will leverage a combined Great Wall bouquet with FashionTV OTT offer to reach more than 200 million Chinese tourists travelling around the world. For more info, please contact: Alex Ecker, and Alona Fischbein and visit

About APT Satellite

Based in Hong Kong, APT SATELLITE COMPANY LIMITED (“APT Satellite”) is a satellite company operating a fleet of four satellites, namely APSTAR-5, APSTAR-6, APSTAR-7, and APSTAR-9. APSTAR-5C and APSTAR-6C are currently under construction, they will replace APSTAR-5 and APSTAR-6 respectively in 2018. The footprints of the fleet cover Asia, Middle East, Oceania, and most part of Europe and Africa, extending services to over 75% of the world’s population. Currently distributing 600+ TV channels around the world including HBO, Disney, Sony Pictures, NBCU, EBU, GMA, TVBI, TVn, Celestial Tiger etc, APT Satellite is also supplying transponder capacity to a variety of DTH platforms, as well as to media networks for video contributions across the world.

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Wed Mar 14

MBFW RUSSIA / March, 13, 2018/ Moscow. Day four

Day four of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia offered a diverse cast of designers to the delight of more than two thousand attendees. Most of the shows on this day were packed with viewers, so it’s important to find out exactly why.

A fresh and energetic start to the shows was presented by the collective show by the students of Moscow’s HSE Art and Design School, and titled H.A.R.D 004. Youth Forever  (this being their fourth collective showcase).

While an avant-garde remix of Lady gaga, Mujuice and young Russian singer Grechka set the aural stage for this young and conceptual collection, the MBFW visitors were treated to, a show of great talent and promise by the students of the HSE School.

First, deconstructed capes and ponchos made of recycled fabrics filled the runway, then oversized trenchcoats and tulle capes with the collection’s name emblazoned in bold lettering, then even more deconstructed garments, with long tendrils of fabric flowing behind the models. A lot of what was shown could still be classified as modernist streetwear, but with a definite avant-garde feel to it.

Looking forward by using brave cuts and fresh combinations of fabrics (for example, traditional silk dresses with clear plastic jackets) yet also having a certain malaise for the past, represented by the amount of recycled parts and stretched-out vintage pullovers – that was the theme of the show, it seems. An eclectic and vibrant show of what’s ahead for Russian fashion by the HSE students.

The energy was kept at a maximum at the next show as well, as NASTYA NEKRASOVA presented her new collection.

A Krasnodar native, Nekrasova has been producing garments since 2010, launched her first boutique “Realno” in 2013, started up her own school of design and fashion in Krasnodar in 2017 and throughout has managed to remain subversive and wild at what she does.

One of the constant themes in Nekrasova’s work has been the work of the Athens sculptor Leochares, who lived and produced his work in the 4th century BC, but this was far from a stately classical show – UK grime and Azealia Banks provided the soundtrack for the show, and in fact the only things that reminded one of Greek classical art was a 3D rendering of Leochares’s work in the background of the stage and the theatrical cardboard masks the models wore on the runway today.

These bore an image of the eyes or the face of a sculpture of a Greek youth, and were so large in size that they created a very unusual shape to the silhouettes we saw. As for the garments themselves, we saw a lot of classical in those as well – silk and wool numbers, free and flowing shapes, oversized sleeves (as if from an antique theatre costume), and busts models carried underarm.

But this was a collection by a young Russian designer, so a little modernism was unavoidable – skirts with abstract scribble art and high leather heels spiced up this avant-garde collection.

A brave romp through a Russian rave scene was up next, with a new collection by N. LEGENDA. The brand was created by the titular Nikolay Legenda and Olga Kapitonova, who founded N. LEGENDA in 2013, with an overall drive to create garments that could be defined as “dramatic minimalism”, with a desire to break gender norms along the way.

With loud EDM blaring in the loudspeakers, it was quickly evident that this collection harkens back to Young British Artists and the rave revival movement, with bold typefaces on the belts and accessories, tweed shirts tied around the waist, puffy sleeves for both girls and boys and a penchant for comfortable, oversized clothing. Quilted fabrics in coats and jackets, black-and-white patterns across all the looks and several shimmering designs made from fabric that changed color from puce to blue under the runway lights made this rave party a wild success.

A Fall-Winter 2018-2019 collection by OKSANA FEDOROVA DESIGN STUDIO was what the visitors saw next, with the former Miss Russia and Miss Universe and current head of Moscow’s Museum of Fashion presenting a slew of sleek, clean outfits to the public. Fedorova is a true Renaissance woman – a model, a philanthropist and a designer, and her experience showed this time. Paying tribute to the classics, Oksana’s Studio is never afraid of experimenting, creating exclusive fashion perfectly fit to everyday life as well as for the red carpet.

Laconic and beautiful lines, golden-brown coats and dresses, gold sequins, shimmery evening wear – everything here signified class and dignity. The color palette stayed straightforward – golden tones, black and white, dark emerald green, deep red and subdued grey.

The collection also had a casualwear segment, with velvet one-piece jumpsuits under oversized sheepskin coats (“dublenkas”), puffy quilted jackets, small leather jackets and simple, elegant and beautiful looks for a true inhabitant of a modern metropolis.

ANASTASIA KONDAKOVA – a common face on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia – presented her new collection up next. A modern designer unafraid of experimenting, Kondakova made her name with her trademark “night-to-day look” which inspires her garments and easily transforms from a cocktail number to a day look. Another of her inventions is the adjustable cut around the chest, which allows the chest to breathe freely and expand within the garment. Kondakova uses classic materials, such as silk, cotton and organza in her dresses, and sources her fabrics from Italy, UK and France. This time, Anastasia has shown us a decidedly English collection, with brimmed countryside and Mary Poppins hats tied with bright ribbons, British public school-inspired dresses, one-piece dresses that gave the models a youthful look, and combos that could easily be worn at a cocktail party as well as in the office.

One of the most sought-after tickets that evening were passes to the new show by KETIone, a brand by Keti Topuria. The mainstays of Topuria’s collections – crop tops, evening dress with impressive neckline, voluminous jackets and narrow skirts – were present today. Keti relies on sensuality and, at the same time, is focused on minimalism – clean cuts, a minimum of decoration and the combination of pure, contrasting colors. This time Topuria was inspired, in her own words, “by the rhythm of the big city”.

She definitely has a knack for color theory, with light salad and soft millenial pink colors combining beautifully. Sometimes she threw a mauve neckerchief into a pocket of a baby-blue overall look, which made all the difference. Little salad-colored vests and tiny blue miniskirts gave the whole collection a beautiful and playful feel. The colours were so pure and well-matched, that it gave the whole evening a refreshing feel. The cut of Topuria’s garments was also impressive, often leaving the shoulders open or opening up the cleavage, which made the entire collection beautifully sexy and charming. A beautifully-crafted collection for the young, and the young at heart.

Rounding up the day was a special treat – a big showcase of the fashion from Uzbekistan by Nilufar Abduvalieva’s brand MURSAK. Mursak is the traditional female dress in Uzbekistan, and today we were treated to both its classical and modern versions. Nilufar founded her brand in 2013, and had been using traditional Uzbek craftsmanship methods in her work ever since. The ethnic patterns and beautiful dresses dazzled the mind – Abduvalieva presented an entire smorgasbord of looks in all shapes and colors. Most were emblazoned with national Uzbekistani motifs or ornaments, while others sported gold inlays. Several beautiful bridal gowns were also presented, while two traditional Mursaks finished up this big day of eclectic runway shows.

Title partner of the Fashion Week is Mercedes-Benz. Partners of MBFW Russia: IWC Schaffhausen (Official partner), (Official partner), glo (Official partner), L’Oréal Professionnel (Official stylist), Mary Kay (Official make-up stylist), DHL (Official logistic partner), Metropol (Official hotel), Laska (Official partner)

You can follow all the events taking place on the catwalks of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia from anywhere globally live at


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Wed Mar 14

FUTURUM MOSCOW. New Generation of Russian Designers

The Russian Fashion Council and the Museum of Fashion present Futurum Moscow, supported by the Museum of Moscow and the Moscow Department of Culture, as the part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. On March 15, young Moscow designers and brands will present their new collections in the Museum of Fashion.

For the first time, the new style of creative shows and new fashion presentations was introduced on October 26, 2017, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, under the auspices of the Moscow Museum of Fashion, and it was highly publicized. This season the number of presentations will double, featuring VERONIKA KALNEUS, Morkovka, Emmy, Cosmologiya, Magnetic Wear, ZHARA, Sei Tu, IMPUGN, G/Os, Roma Uvarov, TONY NECHAEV, NAIDAL, 21dot12, Kirill Mintsev, OTOCYON, Nashe, Volchok, Turbo Yulia, Lady Like Brand, HOVANSKIE, YULIA MAKOGON, Nestor Rotsen, Alexander Erokhin, FAKOSHIMA, MOKUDODO DOUBLEASTUDIO, and Alkhanashvili.

“Organized by the Moscow Museum of Fashion and the Museum of Moscow with support of the Moscow Department of Culture, this newly added component to MBFW Russia is the starting point in a long-term project to support emerging talents,” – Huffington Post

“Ultra-trendy designers with specific political commitments, many progressive sporty and streetwear clothes. This is the power coming from the streets, influence of construction works, some VETEMENTS-like atmosphere,” – L`Officiel France

“As the Museum of Fashion, we believe it is critical to support young designers, to let them demonstrate their work. Our country has enormous artistic potential, which is only beginning to unleash in the terms of fashion. I hope Futurum Moscow will become an important ground point for young designers and let them come into the spotlights. And we will be there ready to help and to support them,” — said Oksana Fedorova, Director of the Museum of Fashion.

“There is no doubt that the organizers of this event are future-oriented in every sense of the word. In the end of the Russian Fashion Week emerging designers presented their first collections, and on Day 6 the youngest brands demonstrated their collections. On the catwalk of the Museum of Fashion, where many promising talents had their shows arranged, young brands demonstrated their collections. Emerging designers showed their works both to the fashion industry experts and their colleagues. This is how Moscow encourages self expression and talent development,” – Buzzfeed.

“The Museum of Moscow mirrors all the aspects of the city’s life, acting as a peculiar laboratory of urban investigation. What is happening in the city today will be history tomorrow. We will analyze it and tell the audience about it. Similarly, the fashion of today will become a part of historical heritage and a subject for our exhibition and educational projects. That’s why we try to provide strong support for today’s designers, who are shaping the current appearance of Moscow and its residents,”— said Alina Saprykina, General Director of the Museum of Moscow.


Alexander Shumsky, President of the Russian Fashion Council: “New names are the hottest trend among millennials today. Small brands have become a driving force of the large economy. There are over 3,000 young brands only in the base of the Russian Fashion Council. A single emerging brand is unlikely to attract as many experts at once in case of an individual show. Futurum Moscow is the only modern platform where the Russian and international fashion representative can see new brands.”

You can attend the event on March 15, from 2 p.m. to 22 p.m.

As a part of FUTURUM MOSCOW project, the Museum of Moscow will present casual wear to speak of the Russian history through the 20th century. There are a dark-violet trendy overcoat made in Lyon – a confession of love for the French fashion of the early 20th century, corset-free dresses dating back to World War 1 and revolution, declaring the ease of movement. There are postwar crepe-de-chine dresses with short flying sleeves of the 50-ies, bright dresses of the ‘defrosting’ period, as well as renowned wide-shouldered jackets of the 90-ies. The exposition will tell about the urban fashion in Russia and the USSR, providing a historic foreword for the FUTURUM MOSCOW project.


Specially for FUTURUM MOSCOW, held on March 15, the ARTIS Project has arranged a unique exposition on the urbanism aesthetics. The concept of the ARTIS Project, established by Anastasia Potanina with the view to promote contemporary art, is accordant with the one of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia, which strives to show the audience new dimensions of the life style, making beauty a fact of their everyday life.

On March 15, ARTIS will present the works of Nikolay Onischenko, an artist. Nikolay is a permanent participant of the biennales for contemporary art, his works stored in the Russian Museum, and his personal exhibitions held, in particular, in the Moscow Manezhe and ArtPlay.

The artist will present a series of his works featuring constructivist buildings of the Avant-garde era. Rigorous and laconic shapes create exceptional harmony here, and unexpected geometric objects infiltrating in the paintings sideline the everyday landscapes and offer new vision to the audience.

To surprise its guests the ARTIS Project has prepared a performance of Alexey Mednoy, a well-known street-art artist, who is remarkable for his original method. His works are mosaic compositions that look like made of colorful glass fragments, referring to the tradition of modernist artists. The diversity of the modern world is the keynote of Mednoy’s work. Right in front of the audience the artist is going to create his marvelous works of art, inspired by the beauty of the city.


Time: March 15, Thursday

Place: Zubovsky Boulevard, 2, the Museum of Moscow, Proviant Warehouses, Block 2

The Museum of Moscow was founded in 1896. This is a modern museum, exhibition, educational and cultural center. It is among TOP-5 of the most visited Moscow museums. The Museum is dedicated to the city and its residents. On the one hand, it preserves its past, and on the other hand, it tells the visitors about the most important and outstanding up-to-date events of Moscow. The Museum’s collection is one of the largest in Russia and contains over a million of artefacts. The Museum of Moscow is the main platform of the same-name museum facility, uniting the lecture hall, the child center, the city tour bureau, the center of documental films, and several affiliates: the Moscow Museum of Archaeology, the Old English Court, the Gyliarovsky’s Center, the Lefortovo History Museum, and the Vlakhernskoye-Kuzminki Estate.

The Museum of Fashion was established in Moscow in 2007 as the 1st Russian museum to study and popularize history of fashion as a cultural phenomenon.

The Museum collection includes dresses, suites, headwear, accessories, and footwear dated the late 19th to the 20th century, amounting to over 2,000 exhibits from Russia, Western Europe, the USA, multiple original and no-name objects, both mass production and unique. In particular, the Museum has the dress by Charles Frederick Worth, the founder of the high fashion syndicate in Paris; the dress of the Redfern fashion house, which is believed to be one of the 1st brands to produce top class sportswear; and many more objects made by the internationally reputed brands. The Museum is actively collecting things and clothes of the Soviet period. The exhibition hall of the Museum of Fashion is in the Gostiny Dvor. On a regular basis, the Museum holds lectures, tours, and workshops for children and adults.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week RussiaThe Russian Fashion Council holds Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, the fashion event of key importance in Russia and Eastern Europe. Since the year of 2000, the Fashion Week is arranged twice a year, in March and in October. Every season the event is participated by over 70 designers and attended by about 50,000 visitors, in particular, buyers, journalists, and fashion experts.

Wed Mar 14

MBFW RUSSIA / March, 14, 2018/ Moscow. Day five

The final day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia at the grand building of Manezh came and went, bringing with it the most beautiful and well-attended shows of the week.


The Wednesday started off fast and flashy, with a collective show by the leading educational fashion project in the country, REBEL SCHOOL. The project gathers best tutors in the country, producing truly unique results. This was no exception to the rule, with the collection being inspired by and devoted to the chart-breaking music duo from Russia, t.A.T.u., and their video for “All The Things She Said” – the soundtrack for the show. REBEL SCHOOL student presented a diverse collection of modern avant-garde streetwear, with designs ranging from oversize orange hoodies and capes and catholic schoolgirl outfits (as featured in t.A.T.u.’s music video) to comfy trousers and shirts, to Alice-in-Wonderland style dresses. One look was fully devoted to Vetements stylist Lotta Volkova and featured screenshots from Demna Gvasalia’s favourite muse’s instagram account as appliques. Color combinations were the traditional to streetwear black, orange, white and red, with several striking blue outfits in the mix. The show bended gender norms, with model Sima Kozochka coming out in a men’s prison robe inspired fit, while other female models wore stylish men’s suits. As the models did one final pass to Rammstein’s Mein Herz Brennt, this nostalgic yet upbeat collection became a great start to the day.

IVKA – the brand created by young Central Saint Martins graduate Anastasia Gassi, was up next. She began her career as an Abstract Expressionist painter. After that, inspired by some new rock tendencies, life experience and people around, she decided to continue her creativity in another way, and started IVKA in 2014. Gassi works with exclusive and natural qualities with focus on “less is more” and prefers rich materials, which give her collections an exclusive feel. Today she presented a subtle and beautiful collection that relied heavily on it’s color palette – dark, heavy undertones with light, airy main colors. Combining a soft green avocado color with black one piece leggings and using baby-blue hoary dresses with pitch-black leggings and ballet shoes was just one of the ingenious moves used in this collection. All of the dresses were purposefully high-waisted, which created an unusual silhouette. Other features of the collection were embroidered tops and dresses, which looked almost like sewn silvery crocodile skin, and finely-crafted ballet shoes which gave the entire collection a dreamy, touching air. A beautifully understated and perfectly created set of looks for Gassi.

Model and DJ Sasha Panika opened the next show, a presentation by the Saint-Petersburg-based brand ZA_ZA. Created by Yakutia native Alexandra Koryakina in 2011, ZA_ZA is notoriously avant-garde, stating its mission as “bringing something unexplainable to an explained world”. Koryakina’s collections have graced the runways of Milan and London, and now it was time for Moscow. This time Alexandra has shown us a vision of genderless future, with androgynous models walking out in flowing, beautiful garments that seemed to constitute a very diverse collection. Tan tweed and velvet suits, deep green velvet coats, wraparound coats, flowing rose-red silk dresses, pleather overcoats splattered with paint, as if portraying a starry sky. A beautifully crafted soft plush overcoat finished up this compact and varied collection in great style.

A trip into Russia’s well-established tradition of Suprematism was up next, with Moscow designer KSENIA SERAYA presenting a new batch of her well-known knitwear. A graduate of International Institute of Design and Marketing Polimoda in Florence, Seraya has launched her brand in 2013. Her expertise was well-shown today – re, grey and black were the course for the day, and suprematist compositions flawlessly integrated into this beautiful knitwear collection. Woolen skirts and comfy-looking patterned pullovers, thick sweaters and floor-length dresses, dusty-pink colored soft cardigans dazzled the imagination and impressed with the sheer amount of craftsmanship Seraya has put into this collection. A masterstroke – mismatched colored boots (black and red, black and tan, red and white etc) – completed the looks well.

A grandiose concerto awaited the guests of the fashion week next, with a presentation by the designer NADEZDA YUSUPOVA and her SPERANZA COUTURE bridal brand. Four concert musicians cornered the runway, and played a fully-live dramatic medley of classical music and heavy metal on violins, violas and keyboards. Yusupova is, without a doubt, the most well-known bridal couturier in the country, and the founder of a vast network of wedding boutiques, “Wedding Rooms”. This was a true magnum opus, with models walking out in grand wedding outfits of finest silk, with flowing trains and long sleeves trailing behind them. Gold, white and the softest tint of cream were the colors she presented the guests tonight, with a low-cut neckline being a common feature. The collection seemed fairytale at times, with tiaras and circlets reminding us of Arthurian legend and Celtic myth. The second part of the collection featured soft pinks, sandy tones and bridesmaid dresses with elaborate patterns and embellishments. Yusupova saved the best for last – a wedding dress to end all wedding dresses, with a massive tulle hood and giant train and a bodice and skirt sewn so elaborately it resembled a craquelure work of art. A monumental vision of purity and beauty by the country’s leading wedding designer.

A fully-packed room expected the new collection by the golden child of Russian fashion, ALEXANDR ROGOV. The Voronezh-native stylist and TV host has a knack for attracting celebrity fans, and visitors such as Sergei Mezentsev and Philipp Kirkorov are a staple of his audience. A rock’n’roll soundtrack by Alice Merton and Tove Lo led the models onstage, and it quickly became evident that the collection will be as colorful and beautiful as can be. An eclectic mix of colors and techniques was used to craft this offering, with bold orange, purple, blue and green being the primary ones Rogov. Sporting wide-brimmed hats and fur elements on their pullovers and jackets, the models looked like the cast of an avant-garde western by Jodorowsky.  Floor-length fur coats, oversized pullovers and asymmetrical jackets provided a great second half to the show while color combinations like electric blue jackets and bright-yellow gloves made it a real feast for the eyes. Rounding up this feast of beauty and boldness were wool cardigans and little black dresses worn with the same brimmed hats (in pink and red) and bright leather gloves. A fabulous and brave collection of looks from one of the country’s favourite designers.

Finally, it was the turn of Bella Potemkina to show a fully-packed room of her faithful followers her new collection. The Surgut-born designer is famous in Russia for creating garments for celebrities such as Vera Brezhneva, Olga Buzova, Pelageya, Inna Malikova, Alyona Vodonaeva, Nastasya Samburskaya and many more. This day played host to many of her celebrity friends, such as Xenia Borodina and Aiza Anokhina.

A regal purple seemed to be on Potemkina’s mind this time, with finely-crafted short dresses of tulle and silk, gathered into many layers to resemble beautiful flowers. Sometimes the purple appeared in sparkling embellished coats, sometimes it was in a puffy glossy coat. When Bella strayed from the main color of the night, she ventured into soft pinks and comfortable black, with small peach fur jackets and beautiful gowns, sewn as a color palette – from mauve to light pink. Little jeweled clutches and headscarves gave the collection a very Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl feel. The show ended with a fantastic gown of tulle that faded from deep purple through pink to light, soft beige. An incredible outing for NYC girls in the middle of Moscow and a great finale for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week  Russia 2018 in the Manezh.

Title partner of the Fashion Week is Mercedes-Benz. Partners of MBFW Russia: IWC Schaffhausen (Official partner), (Official partner), glo (Official partner), L’Oréal Professionnel (Official stylist), Mary Kay (Official make-up stylist), DHL (Official logistic partner), Metropol (Official hotel), Laska (Official partner)

You can follow all the events taking place on the catwalks of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia from anywhere globally live at


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Tue Mar 13

MBFW Russia Day 2

Even more people flooded the floors and runways of the majestic Manege building on Sunday for the second day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, clamoring to check out the latest looks by their favorite designers. The schedule for the day included streetwear, more designers from Kazakhstan, classic couture and a secret performance by a Russian star of screen and stage, so all the guests were in for a special treat.

After collections by children’s fashion brands – Art Fashion, KIBOVSKAYA and L’EREDE – the day began in proper, with a conceptual show by the Moscow brand SENSUS COUTURE.

Launched by Nikita Boginsky and Igor Gorbunov in 2014, SENSUS COUTURE is well-known for its brave search for nowness and its inspired originality. Boginsky and Gorbunov often use models as pieces in a complex and beautiful performance on the runway, placing them with lanterns along the stage or otherwise engaging them with the viewers, as they did with their FW’ 17 show.

This time was no different as the visitors soon found out – the runway resembled a living sculpture, with gold-painted bodies of SENSUS performers ‘submerged’ in black plastic. Completely immobile and silent, they looked like gods of ancient Greece or Rome, and sported minimalist halos and scepters. The theme of God and godhood soon became even more apparent, as Kanye West’s “I am a God” began blaring through the sound system, and the models finally appeared – many showing off slogans such as “iGod” and “Master or Slave” printed across their garments. The designers themselves quote “anger over society creating false gods” as their main inspiration this time. “This is a story about consuming and producing, and how we all are searching for something to worship”, they explain.

Leather, latex and silk were the course for the day, and SENSUS employed their traditional color palette – red, white and lots of black for good measure. Many looks were straight-on streetwear, with models strolling in pullovers and shorts with some thigh-high boots, while others were traditional evening wear – little black dresses with Ziggy Stardust-like lightning symbols, bold jackets with leopard skin prints, sheer golden coats. An offering fit for a modern goddess.

Then it was time for the second part of Kazakhstan Fashion Week, coming hot off the heels of yesterday’s shows by young designers from Almaty and beyond – a much more subdued and casual collection of looks than yesterday, but still a beautiful show of just how much talent the former Soviet republic holds.

As you can guess from the brand’s name, the Almaty-based Zharuma Cashmere presented a collection of beautifully-woven garments from cashmere for both men and women – womenswear being represented with traditional headdresses and headscarves, and men showing off a more streetwear-themed design, with soft hoodies and pullovers coupled with comfy shorts and trousers.

The brand from Aktobe in Kazakhstan, MakhaAim, was next up – showing us a beautiful collection of long, flowing dresses and silken garments, bringing to mind the sweltering desert climate and mixing it up with fabulous segments of shimmering fabric to make the traditional cut of their dresses look very modern.

The final part of the Kazakhstan segment of the day was presented by AYZA (which stands for the designer’s name – Ayza Kamaldinova), which offered the visitors a true asiatic feast for the eyes – dresses of black and gold, kaftans and monochrome jackets, all in a soft, burgundy/tan palette.

Visitors really piled in for the next show, however – it seemed like everyone in the city wanted to see the new collection by the Georgian designer Goga Nikabadze. It’s really no surprise – Nikabadze is somewhat of a long-time favorite of Moscow audiences, dressing many of the Russian capital’s wealthiest and most fashionable socialites and pop stars. Nikabadze was born in Georgia in 1986 and studied fashion design in Batumi, presenting his first-ever collection at just 14 years of age back in 2000. His career spans almost 18 years, with collaborations with such stars of Russian fashion as Slava Zaitsev.

This time, Goga showed us a slow and thoughtful show, with models slowing gliding on the stage in outfits that reminded one of the traditional dresses of the designer’s native country. Men in wide-brimmed hats and women in soft garments with dark veils covering their faces filled the stage with a somber atmosphere. The cut of the garments was especially beautiful and experimental this time around, with silky cardigans and floor-length dresses showing an unusually trim and geometrical silhouette. It was as if we were present at a traditional wedding in Batumi or Tbilisi, where Nikabadze first cut his teeth as a designer. Yet this was a thoroughly Moscow-looking collection also, with many of the dresses fit for a Russian countryside Summer or a dacha picnic.

Rumors of participation in today’s show by one of the designer’s famous clients were abound even before the runway started, but when a familiar female voice began to sing the Russian crooner Muslim Magomaev’s 1973 hit single “Za Vse Tebya Blagodaryu” (I Thank You For Everything), the audience knew their expectations were about to be fulfilled. The famed Russian singer-songwriter Larisa Dolina, who sang the cover especially for the show, appeared on the runway herself, cutting an imposing figure in a long black dress with a veil, to thundering ovations. Nikabadze himself appeared at the song’s crescendo, with people from the audience running onstage to – literally – shower him in roses and peonies, with one fan dragging an entire gold-colored suitcase of red roses, and dramatically flinging it open in the middle of the runway to the designer’s amazement. As always, it was an emotional night for Nikabadze, and he almost broke down in front of the growing mountain of flowers. A dramatic wake or a romantic Georgian wedding, it was hard to say, but it definitely was beautiful.

Rounding up the night was the show by Beijing-based Artem Shumov, which attracted no less attention than Goga’s collection, with visitors clamoring for seats and filling in the stair steps around the runway.

This attention is easily explained – Shumov was hand-picked from a group of young designers by the Russian government in 2016 to get a grant to participate in that year’s Moscow Fashion Week and has since appeared at London Fashion Week and in collaborations with Mariinsky theatre. The Saint-Petersburg-born, China-based designer was inspired, by his own admission, by the culture and dress of Beijing, and it was extremely evident in the anime-meets-Chinese national dress looks he showed us today.

A Japanese remix from the soundtrack of “Ghost in the Shell” intermixed with gangsta rap set the stage for the collection. Young men in what could only be described as futuristic streetwear – coats and skirts, jackets shaped like vests and vests shaped like pullovers, trenchcoats in acid colors and straight-acting suits with exotic appliques on the back gave an overall playful and subversive impression. Or maybe it was because of the models’ long chinese braids and Joker-goes-to-Wall-Street facepaints. An incredible vision of a Pan-Asian future world and a perfect finale to the day’s shows.

Title partner of the Fashion Week is Mercedes-Benz. Partners of MBFW Russia: IWC Schaffhausen (Official partner), (Official partner), glo (Official partner), L’Oréal Professionnel (Official stylist), Mary Kay (Official make-up stylist), DHL (Official logistic partner), Metropol (Official hotel), Laska (Official partner)

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Tue Mar 13

MBFW Russia Day 3

Day three of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia started off with much aplomb, with a whole new slew of young designers to whet the visitors insatiable appetites.

Following presentations by children’s designers Alta Costura and Olga Zavgorodnjaja, the audience moved on to the first major show of the third day – that by Snezhana Paderina of the New York-based brand SNEZHANA.NYC.

The Parsons School of Design graduate is well-known for her love of architecture, technology and cyberpunk, and her interest in combining modern technology and traditional techniques in her approach.

Her new FW 18-19 collection was titled DIGITAL FOLDING OF THE WORLD, and the spectators got what they usually expect from Paderina – a futuristic Japanese soundtrack, glossy evening wear, multifaceted slip dresses, sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow, sci-fi coats made of space age polymers and plastics. The models elaborate and slow movements emphasized that we are firmly in a dreamy Blade Runner world now. Combat boots and beautifully-crafted high heels accentuated the otherness of this collection, and modernist art was often incorporated into the garments. Yet the collection never felt like a lot of the same – every look brought out something new and different from the overall theme of the future, sustainability of our world, science fiction and Pan-Asiatism.


Fans of Slava Zaitsev, who celebrated his 80-th birthday this month, were happy to see one more offering from his famous Fashion Laboratory, which hosts Russian students to allow them to bloom into full-fledged designers. This time the young creators showed off, in turn, a collection of classical fur coats and blouses, a modernist take on fashion, with models coming out in Lily McMenamy-inspired red lip makeup, an artistic collection which played with the traditional silhouette and emblazoned golden crowns onto adorable, Victorian-style coats, camisoles of red and black with long, flowing tails, bold lacey evening dresses straight out of Eyes Wide Shut… A veritable pick and choose of young, promising talent.

A special treat was then offered to Moscow fashionistas – «Africa Explosion» – a lengthy showcase of South African fashion designers. This special feature attracted a great deal of press attention, with the designers and guests from South Africa themselves in attendance.

ERRE (pronounced “Air”) is the brainchild of Natasha Jaume and Carina Louw. The result of their collaboration is a label that focuses on quality fabrics, tactility, craftsmanship and the perfect fit. This time the label from Pretoria did not only focus on black shimmery leather, with long, flowing black dresses giving the small leather vests and jackets a beautiful and complete look.

MaXhosa by Laduma was up next. The Johannesburg brand stays true to its roots which are deeply entrenched in traditional Xhosa culture and patterns. Designer Laduma Ngxokolo uses traditional knitting and beadwork methods in his work, with mohair and merino wool sourced specifically from South Africa. Bright and beautiful patterns in knitwork is an uncommon sight, and visitors loved the beautiful approach to knitted pullovers, skirts, dresses and sweaters Ngxokolo took this time. Models cut imposing figures in these striking traditional garments.

Ekta Kalan of EKTA presented her collection afterwards, with her looks inspired by, in turn, South Africa, Portugal and Spain. Beautiful dresses and skirts of deep shade of emerald green and jade were coupled with soft pink and ochre tights and jackets. Perfect geometric patterns made each garment look very unique. A beautiful collection reminiscent of traditional African art and 20th century European and African impressionist works.

A collection by Rich Mnisi rounded up the «Africa Explosion» portion of the day. The LISOF graduate and Africa Fashion International Young Designer of the Year award winner founded the label in 2014. With a global view catering for the world market, the brand is young at heart and explores the treasures engraved within Africa and the world of modern culture and heritage to tell the unique stories of then, now and soon. All this packaged in extreme yet minimalist structures which take design and craftsmanship as the first and foremost motivation. This time Mnisi showed us a bright set indeed – zebraskin patterns and traditional art combined with modernist ideas on the fashionista-about-town looks, each coupled with a giant wide-brimmed semi-transparent bolero hat – for both men and women. An exciting finale to such a diverse and talented set of designers from South Africa.

From the scorching sands of Africa to a rainy day in springtime Paris we swiftly go – for it was that mood that ruled at the Atelier B by Gala B show. Gala B – that is, former stylist and now successful designer and human right campaigner Gala Borzova – showed us a distinctly French collection, with clear plastic being one of the key elements of the looks. Clear capes, clear headscarves, plastic ponchos, even fully-opened clear plastic umbrellas! All this created such a light and airy atmosphere, the onlookers couldn’t help but tap their feet along to the yé-yé soundtrack. Baby pink and white, with bright orange and sky-blue were the colors Gala was most interested this time. A stately 70-year-old model made an appearance right in the middle of the show, to loud applause, with young model Liza Serpova echoing her look in a fresh, youthful and playful way.

At the finale of the show, a French cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella set a final, romantic mood for the show. A rainy day in the city of love – and after all, why shouldn’t muscovites “dress like a French girl”?

Next up, a definitive highlight of the evening – the new collection by Anastasia Dokuchaeva. With the loud soundtrack by Tatar rapstress AIGEL whose hit “Tatarin” made the top of the charts last year, the guests knew they were in for an energetic and no-bs show, with Dokuchaeva providing the front row guests with her futuristic strap sunglasses, which were to be worn by the guests during the show.

Dokuchaeva’s entire modus operandi is “out with the old, in with the new”, freedom from cultural, gendered and societal restraints. A fun and colorful collection is what the guests got then, with big puffer coats in soft shades of lime, yellow, pink, red and purple. Leopard-print and shiny fabrics were used in creating outerwear, while dresses and pullovers looked soft and comfy.

But by far the most striking part of the show were the accessories – like a 3-D oil spill, the plastic handbags, totes, duffel bags and accessories made one’s eyes pop, sparkling with all their prismatic goodness under the bright runway lights. As Depeche Mode’s “Precious” finished the show, it was evident that youth was the word of the evening, and the energy of youth was present in every look and garment by Dokuchaeva.

Finishing up the day was the new offering by Julia Dalakian, a favourite of Russian singers and stars. A star-studded crowd it definitely was, with several Russian pop stars. Dalakian studied under Slava Zaitsev, worked at Cavalli and took part in Berlin, Milan and Brussels fashion weeks for years now, so we were in safe hands that night. “Softness” is what Dalakian wanted to convey with this collection most of all, and that she did – subdued wool and velvet numbers, muslin and chiffon, angora fur. The designer wanted to create a comfortable yet beautiful collection – and with her trademark big sleeves and shoulders bringing a stark contrast to the classical silhouettes of the dresses, and big hoods aften covering the heads of the models, this collection felt as comfy and cozy as it gets.


Many of the guests then went on to the Design Factory FLACON in another part of Moscow, for a special off-Manezh show by the Georgian-Russian Moscow-based brand BESO TURÁ. Founded by Georgian Beso Turazashvili, the brand led the young designer to the fashion weeks of New York and Dubai, and finally to collaborating with Stella McCartney. Silver, white, black and red – these dramatic colors were the course of the day this time, with popular Russian models Maria Minogarova and Anya Mikhailova opening and closing the show. Thus, beautiful oversized white coats, puffy black skirts and dramatic crimson dresses rounded up the third day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

Title partner of the Fashion Week is Mercedes-Benz. Partners of MBFW Russia: IWC Schaffhausen (Official partner), (Official partner), glo (Official partner), L’Oréal Professionnel (Official stylist), Mary Kay (Official make-up stylist), DHL (Official logistic partner), Metropol (Official hotel), Laska (Official partner)

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Sun Mar 11

MBFW RUSSIA / March, 11, 2018/ Moscow. Day one

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia kicked off in full swing this Saturday, attracting thousands of visitors and fashionistas to Moscow’s grand Manege building, right next to the historic Red Square.


The week launched with several children’s runway shows, with children’s brand ACOOLA presenting it’s Street Tropical, Seaview and School collections and the country’s largest children’s department store Detsky Mir showing off it’s latest seasonal looks, created by the retailer’s designers.


Vyacheslav Zaitsev’s “The Origins-2” show was the collection most visitors of the day came to see. The maitre, who celebrated his 80th birthday last week, announced earlier this month that the show was inspired, in his own words, “by his love towards Russia and it’s national dress”. It felt like it, too – the Fall-Winter 2018-2019 show was a true cornucopia of Russian historical style – from 17th and 18th century aristocratic dresses to coats, traditional Russian sleeveless jackets, camisoles paired with blouses and full multi-layered skirts.


The show also included three-piece suits, shawls traditionally created in Pavlovo Posad, little number dresses and evening gowns which came as a part of a two- or three-item set. A large portion of looks were created in an entirely new technology from Russian lace.


The men’s portion of the collection showcased Indian and Chinese fabrics in collaboration with designer Alexey Mikhaylov – these brought us back to the art of Ballet Russes, reminding us of Léon Bakst’s iconic and exotic creations.The fashion jewelry and Russian-style felt headpieces, were created specifically for the collection by the talented Lidia Tskhovrebova.

Russian style has always been an inspiration for Slava. With its rich and vivid colors and textures, the traditional Russian style of dress reimagined by Zaitsev even back in the 60’s is still very appealing, balanced and at the same time cozy. At the same time its elements are easily adjustable for everyday life.


Arguably the most famous of all Russian designers, Zaitsev looked radiant when he himself appeared on the runway. He was met with a standing ovation – truly, the most respected of all the Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian couturiers deserves no less. His models led him to the end of the runway and back, and Slava – as Russians affectionately call him – was smiling all along. Even though Zaitsev doesn’t plant to leave fashion altogether, the audience gave him a beautiful finale for his incredible show in silk and gold and lace.


The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in Moscow this year played host to the Kazakhstan Fashion Week Showcase, showing off designers from the former republic, now young visitors to Paris Fashion Week and more.


Today was the turn of Dinara Satzhan, Naiyl Baikuchukov, the brand Ye.s Couture by Yegana Sadyxova, and Di Siitova.


Naiyl showed off her semi-transparent collection, encrusted with pearls and jewels and sporting long, feathered tails and high collars.


Dii Siitova presented a collection inspired by Native American culture, with gowns and garments looking as if they were created by nature itself.


Yegana Sadyxova created a futuristic gown collection, with models sporting jeweled face masks and balaclavas on the runway.


Dinara Satzhan showed off a collection fully inspired by the national dress of her native Kazakhstan but with a modern twist – with models wearing traditional tubeteika headdresses (albeit made of space-age fabrics). All added an international flair to the day, with the audience completely enthralled by the variety and passion of the young talent.


MERÉ presented their collection next, with Maria Rafikova and Alexandra Talalay bringin an air of pureness and minimalism to Moscow Fashion Week. The brand’s name itself means “pure, perfect, existing” in Latin, and their new offering for the next season was a perfect palette cleanser. The collection was aptly titled “The Frame”, with clean and perfect lines and silhouettes inspired by formalism, modern architecture and the geometrical shape of a rectangle. However, the two young alumni of Moscow’s British School of Design claim that they always try to keep comfort and functionality in mind while creating their garments and it showed – the models looked both futuristic and comfy, soft yet geometrically perfect. The designers also employ a clean and sustainable method in creating their collections, with smart consumption being a constant theme in their work.


Finally it was the turn of Arut Arustamyan’s ARUT MSCW. The Central Saint Martins alum presented a striking show, with all models dressed in shining glitter and embellishments and fast-walking on the runway to 80’s hits. The shiny garments were accompanied by super-hero capes, flowing silk trousers and rock-n-roller girlfriend leather jackets. Shocking-pink high-heel boots brought a punk flavor to this serving of concert-goer chic, with tight silk chokers adding a little kink to the collection. A fun and beautiful set of looks for both a New York fashionista off to Art Basel and a French enfant terrible girl on the lam from her parents, ARUT’s new collection will definitely be a mainstay on Paris and Moscow streets next Fall/Winter season.



Title partner of the Fashion Week is Mercedes-Benz. Partners of MBFW Russia: IWC Schaffhausen (Official partner), (Official partner), glo (Official partner), L’Oréal Professionnel (Official stylist), Mary Kay (Official make-up stylist), DHL (Official logistic partner), Metropol (Official hotel), Laska (Official partner)


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