Hazelcut is a recently launched online store. With the latest designer and fashion trends available online with only two clicks away from ending up in your closet.

The main focus of Hazelcut is uniqueness, style and affordability of clothes. Perfect for those who don’t want to spend hours on looking through one website clustered with items when Hazelcut offers a simple website with a clean cut and is easy to look at.

At the moment the website offers special designs and merchandise from over 100 designers as well as dozens of merchants.¬†Hazelcut picks out specific pieces from different online shops, tells you what colour and size the item you want is available in as well as the latest price change (giving you the amount of days the price was last changed at). You can ask for updates on the item i.e. if the price changes or get a direct link to the item in the online shop it is available in. Making it easier for one to find what you’re looking for.