Hottest Trends at Milan Fashion Week, Weekend Special

You may love Italian designers, but Milan Fashion Week is about much more than that! Take a trip to the front-row, behind the scenes and feast your eyes on trend-setting style as FashionTV transports you to the Milanese catwalks this weekend, all weekend! Tune in: March 6-8 for our Milan Fashion Week Special Programming!

Here’s a taste of things to come…

Plein’s Warriors on the loose!

Never one to do things by halves, Milan Fashion Week favorite PHILIPP PLEIN sent out a strong and street-wear inspired collection for Fall 2015, against the backdrop of a looping roller coaster train and wrap star Azealia Banks. Intent on bringing the “fun back to the luxury market,” Plein envisioned his Fall 2015 woman as a “street warrior,” stemming from his initial inspiration for the collection, which was Africa. Perhaps, a mishmash of ideas, but as ever his collection made a memorable impact.

Color-popping Versace!

An all singing all-dancing collection from Versace, kept the crowds on their toes with color-blocking looks of screaming red, yellow, blue and green! This season, the Italian powerhouse payed homage to the Seventies while maintaining an uncompromised sexy Versace edge.

Backstage at Blumarine

FashionTV is backstage at Blumarine bringing you exclusive interviews from the hair and beauty team, energised models and designer Ana Molinari. This season, the Blumarine woman is born to a privileged family but mixes with the eccentrics, Molinari explains. She’s the type of woman that hangs out with Andy Warhol and his gang, free to dress with expression, while keeping it elegant.

Tune in this weekend on FashionTV for all the hottest looks from designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli and much more! See it First on FashionTV.