„Record participation at the London fair, as far as Romania was concerned”, said Mirela Matichescu, vicepresident of ANT

The participation, as a world premiere, of the Mamaia Resort at WTM London 2014, turned into a successful event for Romania at the largest international tourism fair, visited every year by around 50,000 professionals and influential figures in the industry.

The interest of the visitors and exhibitors present in London in early November for the Romanian tourism attractions increased significantly due to the exceptional performance offered by the Mamaia Carnival.

„This year, we had a redcord edition of the fair in London, as far as Romanian was concerned. Our travel industry representatives have established many partnerships and managed to convinge the tour operators to consider Romania as a touristic destination. Besides promoting our traditions, this year  we had great spectacles at the Romanian stand. I am talking especially about the carnival of Fashion Luxury Events to promote the coast and the Mamaia Resort”, said Mirela Matichescu, Vice President of the National Authority for Tourism, thrilled by the substantial attention drew in London bye the Romanian pavilion.

The show positively impressed thanks to the sensational costumes, the exceptional dancers, the fashion shows, the gorgeous models and the stunning screenings of the attractions that welcome the tourists on the Romanian coast and especially in Mamaia.