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Thu Nov 15

FashionTV house is ready to open in Warsaw

Fashion TV HOUSE is an unique place in a unique setting combining culture, fashion, music, entertainment and business. FTV House Warsaw is an opportunity to join a 500-thousand community from around the world.

Download the presentation here: FashionTV House


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Wed Nov 14

FashionTV 4K+ Launch on Apstar 7

Hong Kong, 14 November 2018

FashionTV Launched 4K+ with 10 mbps 25fps on Apstar 7

2 years after launching FTV UHD at 50fps (frames per second) in HEVC and 20 megabytes bandwidth requirements, FTV has launched a more commercially attractive high quality standard: FTV 4K+.

4K+ comes in Full UHD 3840×2160 resolution at 25fps HEVC codec, requiring less than 10 mbps.

With the 4K+ solution, FTV offers an optimized bandwidth consumption of 10 mbps instead of 20 mbps for other UHD.

After extensive tests, studies and viewer surveys, it’s clear that the new 4K TV-sets produced after 2017 with improved component chips and FTV proprietary video-profiles, FashionTV viewers found positive, appreciable differences between UHD at 50fps and 4K+ at 25fps. The classic UHD at 50fps is very sharp and artificial with a digital feeling. It has 8 times more of the information than traditional HD has, while FTV 4k+ has 4 times HD information on the same TV screen.

Viewers reported experiencing a more relaxed state while seeing a normal 25fps due to usual, comfortable incoming visual information amount. In many viewer reviews, it was noted that many consumers decided to switch back to 25fps intentionally to have a more comfortable and relaxing 4K+ TV experience. In addition, many OTT services face network overloads, which make UHD in 50fps a difficult experience (frame drops and annoying buffering). This occurs much less with 4K+ as only half bandwidth is required and is easier to buffer. FTV is offering the delivery via Apstar 7 Satellite or ZIXI IP Protocol, and FTV+ apps worldwide.

Various operators welcome this new technology as the bandwidth requirement is similar to HD, but the viewers will experience and enjoy the 4K+ in 25fps mode which is 4 times better quality for nearly same price.

We look forward to the high end content provider joining and adapting to 4K+ in order to offer Service Providers a mini bouquet to the subscribers who may be willing to pay an additional fee for the new 4K+ service.

To view FTV 4K+ tune in to Apstar 7 or connect to and the ftv+ application.

Technical information:

apstar 7 10 mbps

76.5E C – band DVB – S2 3780

30000 9/10 QPSK


PIXEL: 3840 x 2160 25 fps

Contact for marketing: Asia –, World –

FashionTV is a global leader in fashion media. Since 1997 it has grown to a multimedia platform, distributed all over the world to over 500 million pay tv homes, 1.5 bln smart devices and 5 bln world wide web users.

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