FashionTV welcomes FashionTV Gaming Group

FashionTV welcomes FashionTV Gaming Group


Join us in welcoming this unique joint venture between the FashionTV network and FashionTV Gaming Group N.V, a dedicated online gaming pioneer which holds the exclusive global license for the FashionTV brand regarding all online gaming activities and related products.


Backed by the TV giant FashionTV, FashionTV Gaming Group has released a never before seen suite of online gaming activities under the brand, FashionTV Winners. These activities include a complete range of online operations including casino, sportsbook, live dealers, bingo, lotto and scratch cards amongst others, all under the FashionTV brand.


Broadcasted to over 2 billion viewers around the world, with 500 million subscribers and around 10 billion public TV sites worldwide, FashionTV is a global brand that requires very little introduction. By leveraging the power and multi-channel reach of the global FashionTV network, FashionTV Gaming Group is the first to bridge the gap between the two high-powered industries of fashion and online gaming. By harnessing this unique synergy, the Group aims to deliver a slice of sophistication to its players both in the virtual and real world.


Players are invited to experience the glamour and entertainment of a fully-branded, fully-supported gaming suite, teamed with the exclusive experience of the FashionTV lifestyle. FashionTV winners will offer thousands of games included branded slots and live slots, backed by leading software and game developers from around the world.


It’s first venture includes – a fully realised, high profile online casino that offers players the opportunity to experience the glamour and luxury of the FashionTV brand through a series of campaigns and promotions aimed at raising the bar within the industry.


In addition, players will also be given the opportunity to step out of the ordinary and right into the world of luxury, of FashionTV. Elite players are invited to join the exclusive Diamond Club that stands between online portals and players’ unique chance to experience the glittering FashionTV lifestyle, win a series of unique branded goods as well as the mind-blowing opportunity of getting invited to one of the FashionTV hottest parties held worldwide! Meet FashionTV models, mingle amongst celebrities, and get ready to have the night of your life – because this is going to be one to remember!


This coming year you will also see FashionTV Gaming Group reveal a full range of products across various international markets, appointing regional or local operators to run operations under a FashionTV brand sublicense by means of a fully supported turnkey solution. FashionTV Gaming Group is also in the process of forming partnerships with operators and licensees around the world and is actively seeking new partners to run the brand in their local markets.  | |