Meet the World’s First Amputee Pop Artist Viktoria Modesta

The fashion and music world just got better, with the addition of amputee pop artist Viktoria Modesta. Check out her incredible avant garde music video.

Whether its encrusted with Swarovski crystals, lit-up with fluorescents, or a literal spike, never before has a prosthetic leg been so stylish and never before has the pop industry embraced disability, quite like Latvian-born pop artist Viktoria Modesta.

With her vision to change the way we see beauty and disability, the 26-year-old artist has caught the world by storm with her “Prototype” video that has been viewed on YouTube nearly 3 million times in the last week as part of a Channel 4 project.

“Some of us were born to be different,” the text reads at the end of the video. “Some of us were born to take risks.”

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