Senoritas on the rocks by Beso De Sal

Senoritas on the Rocks is inspired by a weekly party we have during summer at a beach near Lima, Peru called Senoritas. Every Saturday we get together to play music, have drinks and an awesome time amongst our closest beach bum girls. No boys allowed. Entrance tickets to our “Sabado Tropical” is a couple of bottles of white wine each and great attitude; first bottle pops at noon sharp of course! Our initial idea was to name each concept of the collection after each friend but we decided to keep the mystery and instead name them after drinks mixed with quechua words to keep it fun.

Senoritas on the Rocks is all about design and silhouettes; you’ll notice there’s not as much mix and match of fabrics as previous collections. Maria José wanted to keep it simple this time around so instead creatively emphasized design details using cleaner lines in general within these details such as knots, multiple strings, see-through mesh, back details for tops, and straps.

Senoritas on the Rocks, available NOW at www.besodesal.com


-Photography: Jeffrey Stevens – jeffinthewild@gmail.com

-Model: Vanessa Perez Del Solar

-Make up & Hair: Gabriella Del Campo Make Up Artist

-Where to shop: www.besodesal.com

-Location: Reserva Nacional de Paracas, Peru