The Mamaia show attracts most of the Romanian Tourism Fair’s visitors

The autumn edition of the Romanian Tourism Fair was sprinkled between 13 and 16 November with many events and artistic moments. Among the various workshops, seminars and conferences, the incendiary carnival atmosphere of  Mamaia made his presence felt at Romexpo exhibition center.

The stand of the most popular destination on the Romanian coast- Mamaia, was definitely one of the most attractive points of the fair. A total of 17 651 visitors have entered the Romanian Tourism Fair in search of the perfect vacation, most of whom were attracted by the amazing performances organized at Mamaia’s stand.

No matter in which side of the center they were, the majority of the visitors came to the stage located in the C4 pavilion once the unique Mamaia show begun. Most of those present said they had come especially to taste the Mamaia carnival experience.