After Superman, Batman and Spiderman comes FALCONMAN!

As the most glamorous event of the year knocks on our doors, FashionTV unveils its new mega-film project at Cannes Film Festival: “FALCONMAN, Wings of Desire.”

And the story goes like this: After Superman, Batman and Spiderman comes FALCONMAN!

The Superhero and his entourage of flying falcon force beauties and combat falcons travel the world on an adventure to resolve the most complicated and corrupt plots. His archenemy, is a power-hungry villain who wants to become the world’s most fashionable trillionaire; taking control of the world of fashion, football, and Formula 1. And only FALCONMAN can stop him!

The movie is action-packed with non-stop fights and entertainment in the air, on the castle grounds, grand prix circuits, football fields, and underground tunnels of Vienna; exposing the darkened underworld of corrupt sports betting, Jetset intrigues as well as a few love stories along the way.

FALCONMAN is created by President and Founder of FashionTV, Michel Adam, starring Gerard Depardieu, Omar Sharif,  Jean Claude van Damme, Maria Mogsolova, and the mysterious Falconman. Written by Tony Hickox – co-produced by Norbert Blecha of Terra Films Vienna and other partners.

A full range of merchandising products ranging from energy drinks to video games is set to be released alongside the film.

FALCONMAN will be promoted by FashionTV and released in theaters worldwide as well as FashionTV VOD platforms – in cooperation with YouTube.

Join us at the FashionTV Lounge, at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes during the film festival 14-23 May, and celebrate at the FALCONMAN PARTY, MAY 21 FROM 9 PM.


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